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The Consumers Preview of Windows 8 is available from Microsoft. I wanted to take a look but didn’t want to install it on any machine. I had read about “Windows To Go”, and decided to give it a shot. Windows-To-Go allows you to load your entire operating system on a USB drive, so all you software and data can be loaded on a USB drive

Following the instructions I found on, I created a bootable USB flash drive that I can use on any computer to preview Windows 8, up until the expiration date of January 15, 2013. I then added Open Office and Adobe Flash so we could have a full experience.

When following the directions, I didn't use a USB 3.0 drive, I cheaped out and bought a USB 2.0 drive for half the price.  I didn’t realize the speed difference.  In the Arstechnica screen prints the imaging of the drive took 8.minutes.  With the USB 2.0 drive it took 46 minutes.  I also found two of the instructions didn't work as promised.  

The LIST command needed LIST DISK to work, and the bcdboot command didn't like the "/f ALL"  portion of the command. 

Windows 8 uses Windows 7 drivers, so if you can locate windows 7 drivers for your hardware you should be good to go.  Our touchscreen didn't have the Windows7 drivers in a folder, so I needed to create some entries in the setup.ini file to unpack the Windows 7 drivers when on the Windows 8 machine. 

Now its time to play

I must say that starting with this just 2 weeks after getting my first iPhone, pointed out that the Metro part was not nearly as intuitive as an apple interface. 

I personally found the interface to be confusing and many times touching wouldn't work and I needed to revert to the mouse to get things done.  Also I don't care about the "apps", I want the desktop and that experience was less than enjoyable.  It is the fusing of the two interfaces that I find so objectionable.

Other people find the Windows 8 experience to be great.  I've put together a list of  websites to visit to get a positive spin on the Windows 8 that I won't poison your attitude towards the interface.

This video shows a side by side comparison of Windows 8 vs the iPad by and shows that some people feel different than I do.


On our preview in the lab I have bookmarked some favorable reviews, so that you will a have a chance to make up your own mind.

Video and review by CNET's Seth Rosenblatt


Another positive review on the Lifehacker site shows what Windows 8 actually looks and feels like.


Good Reading

Also I would recommend reading the Techradar's 50 Windows 89 tips tricks and secrets while you have your hands on the beta. features 20 tips and tricks.

10 Windows 8 tips and tricks to familiarize you with the new OS


Just for fun

This video featuring Chris Pirillo's Dad pretty much could be any one of us when we sit in front of our first Windows 8 computer.

Chris Pirillo's Dad
How real people use Windows 8

And here is a wicked parady of the Window's 8 Preview by comedian Louie Barra

Windoze 8|