Vista Royale Computer Club

This page contains information for members of the Vista Royale Computer Club.

Class Materials

Introduction to the Computer (PDF Booklet, PowerPoint, Clipboard)
Internet Searching (PDF Booklet)
Internet 101 (PDF Booklet)
Introduction to Word Processing (coming soon)
Working with Files and Folders (PDF Booklet)
Cut, Copy and Paste(Clipboard, Exercise)
Introduction to Spreadsheets (PDF Booklet, Zipped sample spreadsheets)
Mailing Labels with OpenOffice (PDF Booklet, Zipped Addresses Spreadsheets)
Introduction to Gmail(PDF Booklet)
Apple iPad iPhone Basic Skills Workshop(PDF Booklet)
Android Basic Skills Workshop (PDF Booklet)

Past Presentations

Vista Royale's AT&T Package
Configuring your router for Condo Living
Mouse Tips and Tricks
Burning CDs and DVDs with the Windows Explorer
Puppy power point presentation
Windows 8 Preview
Mike's Inventory.pdf
Tablet Slide Show
Function Keys
Getting Started with Windows 8
Lost Electronics
10 Symptoms of a browser hijacking
Keep yourself free of Malware
HeartBleed Bug
Apple vs. Android
VRCC Digital Remains
Things to Consider when buying a modem/router

Presentations by Jurgen from ACT Computers
ACT Computer Security Slide Show
ACT The End of Windows XP
ACT Preventing Data Loss
ACT Windows 8 Seminar
ACT Ipad Tablet Seminar